About Us!

We at Mist Auto Wash aim to be one of the efficient mobile car wash providers in the region to offer a superior new technology with top notch quality: an automobile steam-cleaning system. Using only high-velocity steam vapor and no chemical detergents, our system provides the same speed and convenience of a hand-based car wash but with better results and without the risk of damaging your paintjob or engine parts. The availability of mobile steam units means that we can offer premium services direct to your location.

Mist Auto wash seeks to become "The" premiere choice in car washing services with a mission to:

  • Provide people with a premium, fast and safe service
  • Be an environmentally responsible solution

The steam-cleaning technology provides a quick and powerful clean without damaging the exterior surface of the car. The high-pressure steam can remove all dirt and grime with practically no human effort, as well as remove waxy or tarry residue from chrome, moldings and bumpers. Steam cleaning uses only the power of superheated water and thus leaves no toxic residues behind. Such residues from traditional methods are harmful to the environment and are harmful to carsas they can cause streaking. Since there are no harmful chemicals involved in steam cleaning, there is no need to deal with wastewater and you can be sure your car will be squeaky clean with no unwanted streaks!

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The Mist Team